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rin / Dot Big Shirt BEI

rin / Dot Big Shirt BEI

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rin / Dot Big Shirt BEI
-Dot big shirt-

*100% COTTON

■size dimensions

S: Length/72cm Width/62cm Shoulder width 60cm Sleeve length 54cm

M: Length/75cm Width/65cm Shoulder width 62cm Sleeve length 55cm

L: Length/78cm Width/68cm Shoulder width 64cm Sleeve length 58cm

XL: Length/81cm Width/71cm Shoulder width 68cm Sleeve length 68cm

* Wearing size / 174cm / 60kg / M size

The material is gauze dot pattern cotton fabric. The softly knitted fabric is characterized by its lightness and softness. The dots are also reproduced with jacquard weave instead of printing.
It is a material that can be used for many seasons, and it is also fun to see its texture change over time.
The silhouette has a rounded hem but is close to a box silhouette. The functionality of the side seam pockets under the armpits, the arm line that is not too thick, the wide collar, and the overall simple silhouette creates a form that allows for calculated movement when worn.
Please try our recommended shirts for both men and women!

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